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Wrongful Death Lawyers in Central Valley

Wrongful Death Explained

Wrongful death is an action brought forward by the family of the deceased, and can be a spouse, child or even grandchild. In filing the suit, the family member believes their loved one lost his or her life as a result of the negligence or liability of another person or company.

The purpose of a wrongful death suit is to allow the survivors to recover the losses they have incurred through their loved one’s death. These losses can include areas of economic impact and the loss of care, comfort and society.

Does Filing a Wrongful Death Claim Require an Attorney?

Wrongful death claims can be incredibly complex. By law, each person involved in the suit is entitled to individual representation, and are subsequently subjected to state laws and opposing counsels that are interested in protecting their client’s bottom line.  Retaining counsel in wrongful death suits will help you navigate the complicated legal system effectively, while cutting the red tape that usually exists when a company is being sued.

Wrongful Death Suits & Compensation Recovery

Wrongful death claims allow the heirs of the deceased individual to seek compensation for not only the monetary loss they suffered upon their loved one’s death, but the loss of care and comfort that has resulted.

Financially, the survivor – in this example we will use a spouse – is entitled to recover the comforts they have been afforded thus far. If the deceased was the bread winner, the survivor may be able to recover the wages that would have been earned going forward.

Additionally, if the lost loved one was the sole caregiver in the family, who provided overall care of the home and the people within it, that loss can translate to financial recovery. Unlike personal injury claims, survivors cannot sue for emotional distress, but for the acknowledgeable, legal losses where the deceased was concerned. 

Exceptionally Experienced Wrongful Death Attorneys

With experience on both sides of the courtroom in wrongful death cases, our attorneys provide top notch representation by knowing exactly how the company or individual we are placing claim against will proceed. With exceptionally proactive counsel on our team, we are able to provide the legal foresight available to provide the best outcome possible for each of our cases. Simply put, we know how the defense plans to proceed one the case is filed against them – we have been there. This allows us to provide the best case for our clients to help them recover fully from the loss of a loved one. 

Triebsch & Frampton, APC: Distinct, Trusted Representation 

At Triebsch & Frampton, APC, our attorneys set ourselves apart from the balance of the Central Valley legal representatives by pursuing wrongful death suits from the root; totaling the economic damage of our client’s loss.

The goal in representing an individual or group who has lost a loved one is to understand exactly what they have lost. The deceased individual provided care, either by definition or financially, for their family and that contribution must be summed up to include what could have been for the balance of that person’s life. 

Our attorneys go above and beyond to determine these amounts by hiring expert witnesses, financial and medical experts who can help us understand exactly what that time would have been without the unexpected loss. Summing up someone’s lifetime in financial terms is taxing for the family, and it is our personal responsibility to help take away the pain of the process, while seeking maximum results.

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