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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need a lawyer or can I settle my case myself?

A. That all depends on the facts of the case.  Sometimes low value cases, uncomplicated cases or cases of clear-cut liability can be settled directly between you and the insurance company involved quickly and without the expenses of attorneys and court costs.  However, the more serious the injury or complicated the case (number of people involved in an accident, experts needed, lien issues, legal issues), the more likely it is that you will need a lawyer.  If liability (the cause of the accident) is disputed, you will definitely need a lawyer.  Additionally, some insurance companies are notorious for making low-ball offers or taking cases to trial which should be settled.  In those situations, you will definitely need legal counsel.  Furthermore, many health insurers, government health programs and even your own automobile insurer may assert liens against your personal injury recovery.  An attorney can help you negotiate those liens or, where necessary, fight them.

Q. How long will it take to get my case resolved?

A. Again, that all depends on many factors and whether a lawsuit needs to be filed.  The wheels of justice sometimes turn slowly, but often good things come to those who wait.  First, you must make sure that your medical condition is thoroughly diagnosed and that the necessary treatment is known before settlement can even be considered.  Additionally, investigation into the facts and expert analysis and opinion may be necessary.  If the facts, cause of the accident, medical condition or damages are in dispute, a lawsuit, and possibly a trial, may be necessary.  If a case ends up in litigation, it can, of course, settle at any time, but could take up to two or three years before it is completely resolved.

Q.  How much will a lawyer cost me?

A. You pay nothing if you lose.  Our fee is a percentage of your recovery contingent upon settling or winning.  We advance all court costs and costs of litigation, including expert witness fees, court reporter fees, court filing fees, jury fees and other costs.

Q. What is my case worth?

A. The value of a case has many components and factors, including the medical bills incurred, necessary future medical care, time off of work, future wage loss and the value of your “pain and suffering.”  

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