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About Cory Chartrand

I have been practicing law in Stanislaus and Merced counties for over 20 years. I have actually had cases and trials all over the state of California in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Fresno, Sacramento and the Sierra Foothills. However, I live and have my office in Stanislaus County.

One of the benefits and advantages of practicing law in the Valley is trial experience. Because many Valley courthouses have not been as congested and backlogged with caseloads as courthouses in bigger, Bay Area cities, I have been able to get many cases to trial, perhaps more than many of my colleagues in the Bay Area who have been practicing for the same number of years. Trial experience is invaluable in my profession. There are many attorneys out there holding themselves out as “personal injury lawyers,” who have little or no trial experience and rarely, if ever, go to trial. Often, cases which should go to trial are settled for less than their full value to avoid a trial. Although the decision is ultimately the client’s, I do not hesitate to bring a case to trial when necessary.

There are many Yellow Pages and internet advertisements from attorneys claiming to be Turlock, Modesto, Merced or Stanislaus county personal injury attorneys. If those advertisements have an 800 telephone number, chances are your call is being funneled to a Bay Area or Sacramento law firm. That firm may even rent office space in the Central Valley and send an attorney to the Central Valley once a week or so. However, that does not make the firm or attorneys local practitioners.

Many people also feel that to get good legal representation, they need to hire an attorney or law firm from the Bay Area. However, there are many exceptionally well qualified Central Valley attorneys who live and work here, because we want to. We enjoy the Central Valley lifestyle. We also, oftentimes, have more trial experience than Bay Area advertisers. You are certainly welcome to hire a lawyer or law firm from outside the area. Just remember that their travel expenses, hotel rooms for trial and gas and mileage are all additional costs of litigation that will, ultimately, come out of your net recovery. You might also consider that local personal injury attorneys, such as myself, know the local judges, have relationships with them and are familiar with them. We know which judges are to be avoided and which will give your case a fair shot.

There are a lot of advertisements out there. Hiring a lawyer for your personal injury case is an important decision. Who you select could make a big difference and have a big impact on the outcome of your case. You need to be comfortable with your legal counsel and confident that you are getting the best representation possible and that your lawyer knows what he or she is doing. So, check us out. We have an office here in Turlock. Check out our FAQ page and give us a call or send us an email.


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